Trump(doesn’t)care 3rd Fail…

September 21st, 2017

Republicans, aside from lying daily & sticking

up For the Orange Anus ManBaby, Do love to

(We know)

keep Digging When In A Hole. They don’t just

Double, Triple or Quadruple down. They are a

shitty Kevin Federline Record Skipping over &

over and over. Not only are Our Ears Bleeding

but We’ve had enough. Citizens’ll All Lose the

coverage they have & punt all the pre-existing

condition issues to the states. Well guess what

you lying Fuckstick fraud?!? What if your state

doesn’t “GET” a Voucher? Then that State, like

(Liar Twins)

most Republican States who Turned down The

expanded Medicaid, Will Fuck all Their citizens

Over. If it’s such a great bill, state Exactly why

us Citizens Should like it. But They can’t cause

we WON’T. So, They LIE, Avoid, Dodge, Shout

“But, but, but Obamacare” Without stating any

thing about why this Bill is Good. Cause it isn’t

And Jimmy Kimmel pointed that out…….AGAIN

(Call ALL These Republican Senators Now, And
Make Your Voice Heard. If you don’t we all lose
It’s In The Kimmel Video At 9:43 In This LINK)

NOTE: South Dakota Republican Thinks It’s Fun
To Run Over Protestors Killing Them. Holy Fuck
This Far Past Disgusting….& Isn’t Acceptable For
Anyone To Mock, Let Along A Sitting Republican
Her GOP Friends Won’t Punish Her, They’re Evil

Have a day!

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