Seems Trumpy couldn’t find his limo

Maybe he should’ve Just looked for a

(“Right there billy”)

limo, With 1 Billion From Putin Owned

VEB bank; that he’d spot. These days

he misses hands as well and make no

mistake, it is not a big deal at all. Just

more From A Child Who Is As Ugly on

the Outside As He Is On the inside. He

Managed To Shock, NASA ‘Space Guy’

Buzz Aldrin with Odd Insane Jibberish

And, Dem Alison Grimes Told Trumpy

“NO Way!” on his insane grab all data

for Private “Voter Suppression” usage

Oh, nothing Funnier And Sadder Than

Trump Racist Moron Fucks, Reading A

(Dumb Fuck)

(Dumbfuck 2)

lot of the Declaration of independence

that NPR posted while Calling it “fake”

They didn’t get it Was The Declaration

of Independence. Ha ha ha ha morons!

NOTE: Felix Sater, Is Cooperating With
Mueller’s, ‘Russian Money Investigation’
Make No Mistakes. This Is Massive Shit
Right Here. He’s A Big Former Business
Partner of Trump With Deep Ties to The
Mafia and Russian government. Oooops
This Is SERIOUS Shit. This Is Treason &
We Don’t Fuck Around It’s Jail Or Death
NOTE II: Betsy DeVos, Sued By 19 Mad
US Attorneys, & Counting For “Allowing”
Lenders To Commit Fraud Against Their
Students. This Is Utter Batshitty Lunacy

Have a day!

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