Hope Your 4th Was Awesome, And All

your digits are still attached. No more


short wicks for this Guy (moves only 7

fingers). I kid but it was Awesome and

hope yours was as well where ever you

Are. But, If, You Are Chris, “Jimbo Ass”

Christie (With his Historic low approval

rating of 15%) shuttin’ down his states

government and a fucking beach is not

the smartest shit to do. All other public

beaches are closed solely because of fat

(Spot Tubby)

fuck and then he has The Manatee Nuts

to lie about it &  then when busted says:

“The Governor Has a residence at Island
Beach. Others don’t, It’s Just The Way It
goes. Run for governor and then you can
have the residence (Private Tax $ beach)”

Well, it Seems like Christie Is Going For

that rare air of 3% Approval Rating and

ALL Why That “Fat POS” Shut His Entire

state government down. Speakin’ of big

lying Sacks of Shit, Trump & His Moron

minions are all still trying the debunked

And ‘Utterly Insane’, “Voter Fraud” Lies

Nothing Out Of Orange Anus’s mouth is

(We know!)

and never will be True. And Trump tryin’

to get private Voter Information will end

up legally torching them all. Ha ha ha ha

40 States, & Counting, DENIED Trumpy!

Have a day!

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