Assad puts the ASS in his Name No

Doubt. What Will Trumper Tantrum

(<-Russian Ties)

do? Nothing, he’s following Russia’s

Hand which loves Assad, period. So

this is very Sad. My View With Civil

Wars is Avoid Them. However if the

entire Fight is A human rights crisis

and Children are Being murdered, I

am Gravely moved to so assess this

Oh, & Speaking of Soulless assholes

Bill “Loofah” O’Really, Is, So Fucked

He had 5 sexual Harassment Claims

(<-Sexual Predator)

that He “Settled”. And Do Not make

any Mistakes, He Did everything the

woman Claimed. He’s a Sexual Dink

fuck scum. And which problem child

instantly came to his Defense?! You

guessed it, TRUMP. Wow, when the

guy can’t stop diggin’ his own grave

“Sexual Assault buddies”. Bill-O lost

45 Advertisers & Growing. Goooood

(Do it live!)

In other bignews senate republicans

are now going “Nuclear” to get their

SCOTUS pick they stole, in. This will

be their ultimate undoing. When all

the Progressive Democrats or those

independents Get In, in 2018, THIS

will be a how you End Their BS fight

YOU Fucks Started it, but we end it!

When You Whine or Bitch we will all

(So long morons!)

bring up Your evil doing with “Rules”

They ALL Simply Want An ‘Oligarchy

And 98% of us don’t want that boyo!

Enjoy Your Pyrrhic Victory, it kills ya

NOTE :  RIP Don “Mr Warmth” Rickles
He Was A Legendary Comedian’s Soul

Have a day!

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