Devin “I’m Trumps Bitch” Nunes, is

having some serious problems. The

(“Look Away!”)

problems are going 2 get worse on

each coming day. And they all have

to With Trumps direct financial ties

to Russia during that ’16 Campaign

Aside from giving information to an

Orange Anus, who is the Subject of

this investigation is bad enough, so

now he blocked Ms Yates testimony


(Why Cancel?)

Doesn’t matter, it’s all coming out &

the Senate’ll have their own hearing

This Ends Up In Trumps Fat loud lap

NOTE: Trump Wants, To Step In The
Exact Same Bear Trap….Again. He Is
The Definition Of Inanity – Doing The
Same Failed Shit, Over And Over But
Expecting ‘Different Results’. Moron!!
NOTE II: Bernard Mark’s Today’s Big
Hero. It Made The Hairs On The Back
Of My Neck Stand Up My Eyes Welled
With Tears. People Are NOT Going To
Take This Horror Anymore. No More!

Have a day!

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