Trump, is, royally, fucked…Big League

Comey already re-confirmed what WE

Comey testifying against Trump(Drink it up!)

All, already knew. Trump made up the

“Wire Tapping”. He lied, PERIOD. And

even With Every New Huge lie, he has

only ONE Goal. Distract from his clear

Russian Banking and his financial ties

to them. You all know for a “fact” that

Germany’s Merkel ‘Dressed’ Him down

hard. That’s why he shook her hand at

first when she came but icy afterwards

Her new Great President Frank-Walter


Steinmeier ‘Politically Disagrees’ With

Trump massively. This week might be

Trumps Worst one Coming yet to date

He’s like a Political Plane, leaking Fuel

with one engine about to go out & him

yelling “We’re tremendous, keep flyin”

He is about to Crash Land Very HARD

NOTE: Trumps Approval Rating’s 37%
The Lowest, Of Any POTUS In Modern
History. He Likes “Records”, So, Enjoy
Being The Most Hated Shit, In The US
IDIOT :  Republican Trump Moron Fat
Lady Thinks “Trump & Gwad” Did The
ACA, Not Obama. She Was A Teacher!
This Shit IS So Sickening. Such A Nut!
RIP: Chuck Berry A True Musical Stud

Have a day!

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