If you caught the Oscars last night

you saw a bizarre Ending For sure

Moonlight-wins-best-picture-award-at-the-Oscars(What, what?!?!)

With Warren Beatty and one Faye

Dunaway said the wrong envelope

La La Land did not “Win” best film

That Would Be….Moonlight People

And Speaking of massive fuck ups

Trump ‘Skipped’ the White House

Correspondents Dinner. Meh, I do

not really care. It has always been

a Media Cozying up fest and he so

trumpster-fire(Flame On!)

clearly hates them and all citizens

to grasp facts/reality. But now we

have Trump on tape sayin that he

“I Have Not Called Russia…in TEN

years”. Well, that will So be Super

easy to check and he will be lying

Oooooops He lied. Trumps Russia

Ties will likely be his Undoing But

Those Wheels, Were In Motion by

him since Day 1 people. Ooooops!

Dems DoubleDown On Dumb

The new DNC Chair is just as bad

as the corporatist whores they are

perez-1920-1280x720(Awww shit!)

They should have put in an actual

Progressive or Sanders Like chair

They have fucked it up badly here

and the optics are dreadful. Why?

This will Bite Them in Ass so Fast

NOTE : Trump Racists Graffitied
The “N – Word” On Their Garage
Door. The Victims, Left It Up, Til
Fucks Are Caught. BUT Now The
Stamford Police Are Fining Them
$100 Per Day To Remove It. This
Is Disgusting, The Neighbors Are
Purely Evil In Not Caring To Find
Out. They Know Exactly Who Did
It That Neighborhood’s Protectin’
The Racists, Period It’s Disgustin’
NOTE II : CPAC Trumper Morons
Wave And Hold Russian Flags To
Make Themselves Look Stupid!!!!
RIP: Bill “Chet” Paxon. He Passed
Away Due To Some ODD Surgery
Complications. Watch, The Movie,
Frailty. It Is An “Amazing” Flick!!!

Have a day!

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