The “Bullshit” Convention…

February 23rd, 2017

C- PAC Means, Christian, Pushy Asshole

Children. If it was Conservative Political

CPAC-2017-with no one in chairs(0 Policy Substance)

Action Conference, They would not keep

on inviting Lying Mega Assholes to their

“party”. Forget they don’t grasp political

terms or understand remotely who’s the

Fascist party (Hint it’s right wing). Oh &

the Alt Right/Racists are their entire shit

Party today. You own it & the TeaOP was

the one’s who started it ace. Forget Tedo

“I’ll Lick Your Ass Crack And Phone Bank

Dan Schidender CPAC moron(“I lie forever”)

for you Trump” Cruz uses Projection like

a toy daily. Or when a lunatic who knows

NOTHING About our history or facts just

spews insane lie after fuckstick insane lie

These people Are Not Just living in an Alt

Reality, they are at Direct odds with facts

They always will be cause facts take rigor

NOTE : Snotty Spice Doesn’t Know What
The Press Does And, Doesn’t Know What
The Term, “Military Operation” Means!!!!

Have a day!

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