Trump Totally Unhinged…

February 16th, 2017

Who Goes to an Event only to Call

said event “fake”? A Mega Nutcase

Trump pretending to answer question by the media(“Fake news!”)

In what Can Only Be Called “Utter

Dysfunction & Rejecting all reality”

Trump didn’t So Much “Meet with

the Press” as much as he “Verbally

tried to spew Insane Shit, not even

remotely Connected to Any reality”

Normally when I’m a Good Person

I don’t Have To Tell You That. You

see the person I am & carry myself

as such. The Orange Anus Spewed:

“I’m really not a Bad Person by the

way” said NO ONE who Actually is

Trump Pointing at media(“Ur fault I’m nuts!”)

a “good” person. No, you are a tiny

handed, small minded, shallow ID

racist child who is FAILIN’ at your

fucking job. Anything, and I Mean

A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G he Says you can

bet the Opposite is True or it’s just

Projection. No “modern President”

in the United States has ever done

this. Not, one. As more facts come

out this will Get Much Worse, and

Trump Riding the GOP into death(Ends Badly)

Don’t Expect, Someone ‘Detached’

from reality to grasp the Upcomin

collision with that reality. BOOM!

This child’s literally a fuckin’ idiot

NOTE: Every Blue Dog Democrat
Doesn’t “Get It” And Will Likely B
Gone In 2018 Mid-Terms. GOOD!
NOTE II: Idiot White Supremacist
Racist Sought Another Dylan Roof
‘Domestic Terrorism’ Event. EVIL
And Superior Race?!?!?!! Hell, No

Have a day!

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