Trumpty Dumpty…

February 15th, 2017

Lied about A Wall, Trumpty Dumpty

had a great fall, All the bigots hands

Trumpty Dumpty falling off wall(“Wheeeeeee”)

and all of their Friends, couldn’t put

Trumpty Together Again. Never has

a POTUS ever Been This Fucked. So

that means the longer he is in power

the more danger/harm he can cause

But the good news is we can survive

this loud lyin’ sociopath cheeto child

Our form of Governance is simply to

correctly Structured to fail at checks

And “Balances”. Something, Trumpy

Knows Nothing About. Because they

Trump cartoon White house brilliant(Satire or true?)

all lack a Sincere Fundamental basic

understanding of HOW government

works, you’re seeing “Children” who

didn’t study for the test failing badly

Secretary Of Labor, Who, HATES All

labor, just dropped out of the job &

many more will Be Coming Daily. A

rat has the instinct to leave a sinkin’

ship. Others: Reince Priebus’s likely

gone. Kellyanne, so Long. Spicer so


sorry you will not make June buddy

Jason Miller, The lying Machine Was

the Original Person Tapped, Too be

Spicy’s roll but he had a sex scandal

and so he stepped down Ooooooops

Rearranging all The Deck Chairs On

the on Titanic Simply Won’t save an

Ill Prepared, loud lying Buffoon of a

captain. Even The Republican Shark

is circling now. All over but the cryin

Trump becomes Putin cartoon(Oooops)

Oh & need I Remind you, this is not

even the END of WEEK FOUR?!?!?!?

Have a day!

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