Jeff “Bigot Shit” Sessions finally got

confirmed. And by 1 D-Joe Manchin

jeff-sessions-donkey-hotey(We know)

Or, Republican Bigoted Asshole 3.0

helped put him in Power. Ohhh boy

He is not A Democrat. He is in a big

Red State so he Ran Under the Title

But ISN’T. How Fucked up is that?!?

And not simply racist but policywise

1980’s REPUBLICANS, “Would” NOT

Confirm Him. Ooooooooooooo Snap

He voted against stem cell research,

Denied Woman Crossing State lines

Sessions statement of hate(What a prick)

to Have An Abortion, Voted Against

The Violence Against Woman Act, &

voted YES on Banning Flag Burning

Well, racism & fascism always do go

hand & Nazi Salute. He Is The Most

loathsome thing since Steve Bannon

And, when Elizabeth Warren Finally

spoke about Her MLK’s Wife’s Letter

she, was, Silenced. Why?! Well only

“White Supremacist Racists” Would

elizabeth_warren_silenced for no reason(“Da fuck?!?!”)

not want to hear that Since they are

the only One’s Targeted In the letter

This is ‘Historic’ Never Been Done In

‘Modern History’. Republican fascism

NOTE : So When Republican Matty
Drudge States “Republicans Should
All Be Sued For Fraud”. Ahem They
Are All FUCKED Days R Numbered
NOTE II : Kelly CONNway Violated
An “Ethics” Rule For ALL Executive
“Branch Employees”. She Is TOAST
UPDATE: White House Staff Shittin
Pants, Over “Mentally Off” Trumpy

Have a day!

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