Supreme Slap, DeVos DOA?

February 1st, 2017

Trump has Now Nominated Neil

Gorsuch (Gore Such). So who is

neil.gorsuch.donald.trump(“Puckered Anus Face”?)

he? Well he’s great for religious

Republicans ‘agreeing’ with that

Hobby Lobby case. He is Pretty

much a Literal Constitutionalist

from The 1700’s. He’s So just a

polished Scalia. Ahem that isn’t

a good thing for America. Ohhh

NO!!! Oh and his mother nearly

ended the Entire EPA & Was So

fired; the sins of the mother are

neil.gorsuch.louise.gorsuch.donald.trump(Scalia 2.NO)

not the his, but you see his Stiff

ideology in her Actions. But HE

also ruled against ALL Assisted

suicide; he’s a Teri Schivao pick

(never thought I’d bring that up

again) In 2014 Four States have

Legalized Assisted Suicide. And

Democrats will likely give the R

a nice taste of “Obstructionism”

that every “R” did for 8 straight

years. Since it’s 60 Votes they’ll

DeVos Bullshit liar(We Know)

likely have a Good Shot At That

And things don’t look so good 4

Betsey DeVos. Two Republicans

went against her/if 1+ goes she

is Toast. And, With Elections All

comin’ up less Than 2 years you

can bet some’ll find Their Spine

So, if Mitchy ends filibuster and

then Republicans paved the way

Bullshit Mountian(We Know)

for a Lifetime Of “Policy Throat”

ramming by Democrats when in

power Forever. Ooooooooooops

NOTE : Jon Was Back, Which Is
Good. But So Are ALL Voices To
Share In Opposin’ Unlawful Shit

Have a day!

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