Pure Evil!

January 5th, 2017

4 African American Racists, Beat

an Innocent Handicapped boy on


a tape on facebook for 30 minutes

This is a Racist hate crime. Period

And those who “Committed” it are

the definition of pure Evil and ALL

deserve no ‘leniency’. When some

one is beaten like this on tape you

don’t need much else to convict &

don’t let Anyone Tell you BLM has

a thing to do with this. It does not

But the racist on the right want to

kid-beaten-badly(So evil)

light this Hate fire. Don’t let Them

When any colored Racist from any

background commits these acts of

terror they should all be Punished

If you are a Violent Racist Asshole

Chicago does NOT Want you Here

Have a day!

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