Remembering Pearl Harbor…

December 7th, 2016

Very sorry no post yesterday it was

Sonja’s Birthday and I was Sick. No

pearl-harbor-patch(Thank you!)

excuses, just telling you why it was

The ghosts of the past always creep

into the present. Always. It’s the 75

Year Anniversary Of That Evil Event

It made us All Stronger. Stronger is

who we are as a nation. Thank a vet

today, And Please Do Something So

Nice (Donate $ or your time) Thanks

NOTE: And, Punk Shit “Kids”, Did
The Tennessee ‘Wild’ Fire How SO
Fitting. This Is The Future Hateful
Nihilist┬áDisgustin’ Selfish Assholes
NOTE II : Conservatives “Fall” For
Fake News Articles Way To ‘Often’
They, “Tried” It, With Liberals, But
It Never Really Worked Geeeeeeee

Have a day!

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