Drumpfs Dinner Disaster…

October 24th, 2016

Trump can’t get out of the way

of His Own Fat, Orange, Mouth

trump-at-al-smith-dinner(He was booed)

His ‘Al Smith Dinner Open Mic’

Comedy Act Bombin’ Was one

Now it’s 12 Woman Who came

forward Accusing the Big Loud

Trumpster…of what he Already

said He DOES. There Are ‘Just’

16 days left in the election and

thank Holy fuck for that. We’re

All Going to Need Some Group

trump-mocking-handicapped(Da Fuck?!?!)

therapy Counseling afterwards

Clinton is no Picnic, but in any

comparison to Trump, she’s so

fucking SANE. As opposed to a

loud, Lying, Racist Imbecile Of

epic Proportions. And so guess

what?! It’s showing in National

Election polls with her widenin

to a 12 point lead Now. Ooops!

The Paint has dried and Trump

peter-e-lois-griffin(“Make it stop!”)

is the Sole Reason Republicans

Lost this election, their Party &

their Political Lives. They did it

ALL To Themselves, With HATE

And Well, that’s Schadenfreude

NOTE: Lunatic Professor Says
Trumpy Will “Win!”. He Is The
ONLY Person, In America Who
Thinks This, Yet, Has No Facts
To Support It. Yes Republicans
All Spew All The Same Bullshit
NOTE II : Chicago’s Own, Billy
Murry, Won, The “Mark Twain”
Award For….’American Humor’
UPDATE: Sisters, Get The Last
Laugh On Eric Trump Ha Ha!!!

Have a day!

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