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September 26th, 2016

The great debate tonight’s ON

Be ready for: “Trust me I’ll Be


great. It’ll Be Huge!” and also

& Hillary Avoiding the Clinton

Foundation, e-mails, or health

‘Drinking Debate Game Rules’:

Look for these ‘Buzzwords’ for

Dumpfy: “She’s a liar” “And a

mess”, “She is a Bigger cheat

on the stage”, and “She didn’t

do X”(When she did). So, look

for this from Hillary on chump

“He’s just the most unqualified

the_first_clintontrump_presidential_debate-4364843e7c30ff7fb8f32146c4705ba7(Buckle up!)

person to seek the Office of the

Presidency” ; “At, No Point, Did

what he say, Resemble Reality”

and, “James Comey, just said I

Never lied” (No, no he did not)

Be Ready At 7pm CST to watch

the Blunderdome Of Lunacy, &

enjoy each Moment of this shit

NOTE: Drumpf’s Campaign Liar
Tried Offerin’ That The Laws Of
Reality Don’t Apply To Drumpfy
But He Will Find OUT THEY DO!
NOTE II: RIP To ‘Arnold Palmer’
And To Miami’s Jose Fernandez

Have a day!

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