“Alt-Right” All Wrong…

August 25th, 2016

There is something horrific going

on in the Republican Party Today

angry-man-steam-out-ears(It’s All Bad!)

Something called The Alt-Right &

it’s “all wrong”. BUT, they are not

something that magically Popped

up from nowhere, they’ve been in

the party from the start. And now

The ‘Right Wing Hate Echo Media’

is ‘Pretending’ They sort of simply

appeared from nowhere. Ahhh no

The Glenn Beck’s of the world are

Breitbart Alt Right(We know!)

seein’ the paint dryin’ on this shit

Masterpiece Known as the TeaOP

they fed, Profited from & Created

Now That It Has Turned on them,

they are running to The Middle at

light speed. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh no

The only difference in policy from

Trump to Cruz is that Cruz is way

more “Religious”. Aside from that

they both share the same tax cuts

Gleen Beck tacting backwards(<-Bullshit Artist!)

and racism bullshit. EXACT Same

All The “Right Wing” Hate’s Media

Empire is crumbing & they are all

looking for life boats. Think of the

shitty guy Cal in the Titanic movie

He’s clinging to a kid that isn’t his

to lie & get on Any boat to survive

MSNBC ‘Had’ on Glenn Beck, As if

he didn’t “CREATE” This Bullshit in

the ‘FIRST’ Place, Along With Rush,

Hate radio stuff(We know!)

FOX, “AM Hate” Radio, Etc. To Just

Pretend Their ‘Hands’ Were Not on

the wheel as they struck the big ice

berg Is Sheer Lunacy. And, Should

all be called Out for it, not Rescued

Think of them in a ‘Tug Of War’ for

about 25% of Society that keeps all

of them just splitting that 12.5% it

never Ends, and they know they’re

undone. And, The Polls Show It too

Trimuph the political genuis(“For me to poop on!”)

Throwing Shade at them, is simply

filling a much needed life boat with

Lying Fading Assholes Who End up

causing more misery in The Future

Shit Charlie Sykes said it Best here

NOTE: Very ‘Real’ Hate Against The
Gay Community With Boiling Water
Bein’ Poured Over A Couple As They
Slept What An Evil Soulless Asshole
NOTE II: Colbert ‘Hits’ The NAIL On
The Head, With Conspiracy Lunatics
Why? Because They Hold No Policies
And Are Filling Space With Gibberish
They’re Unable To Discuss Any Policy

Have a day!

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