“Outreach” Opposite Day…

August 23rd, 2016

If Drumpf’s goal was to reach out

To “African American” Voters. He

Trump lying reacist hate(“Blacks love me!”)

did the exact opposite by reachin’

out to his Racist White hate turds

instead. You’d Think his feet look

like Swiss Cheese The Amount Of

times he’s shot himself in the foot

He asked A Suburban White click

about all African American voters

“What the hell do U got to lose?!”

Wow. Holy Fuck. Wow. That isn’t

a Real Pitch to that community, it

trump_kkk(We know)

is another “overture” to his Racist

Base. Well?!?! Only 2% Of African

Americans’ll (And shrinking) Vote

Drumpf. Ha ha ha! Spitting in the

faces of folks who’s Vote you seek

doesn’t work. Well, he really does

not WANT ‘That’ Vote. Oblige Him

When FOX’s Sean Hannity, Is The

Newest campaign adviser To BIG

idiot; All Their ‘Problems’ Are just

Sean Hannity lying his ass off(<-Con Man)

beginning. Hannity even declared

“I never claimed to be a journalist”

Yes, you did. It’s in your icon FOX

News. Then again, maybe he can’t

even Read. So, try these lyrics on:

And now, our parties end is near;
And so we face, the final curtain.
So all my friends, I’ll say it clear,
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain.

I’ve lived a life that’s just bullshit.
I’ve traveled each and every Lie-way;
And more, much more than this,
We did it the LIE way.

NOTE: Democratic “Daddy”, Tries
To ‘Buy’ His Son Patrick A Seat In
Office For 1 Million Dollars. Ewww
NOTE II:  ‘Newest’ Drumpf Liar Of
The Week Is: Kellyanne CON-Way

Have a day!


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