You know I leave Fridays for fun

stuff Most of the time. Well, this

Trump the mega asshole liar pic(We know)

Election Season isn’t most times

What do you ‘Get’ after your one

Billionth lie?!?! Ryan Lochte as a

even Newer campaign manager?

No, as Drumpf ‘Spirals’ into that

darkness, he “Had Time” for one

more Whopper of lie. He’s really

just “Sorry” for the Hateful Stuff

he said. Ha ha ha ha!! Ahhhh no

He’s “Sorry” he is getting his Fat

Trump hands in the air(“Sorry” (Fingers Crossed))

Ass ‘Kicked’ in ’16 Electoral Map

Math. It’s like a Child calling the

School Principal Every “Horrific”

name in the book, Slash Her car

tires, and Eggs her Home. Then

that kid doesn’t Go On The Year

End school trip, & is Suspended

So, that Kid does the BIG “Fake”

apology to get unsuspended and

Dirty Kid Series - The Brat(Trumps ID)

go on the trip. Nope, stay home

And he’ll go “Back” to his Racist

asshole Self Shortly. He Is What

he is…..and that’s ALL that he is

NOTE: Watch ‘This’ Trump Idiot
Ignore Reality With “Says Who?”
That Is Comedy Gold Ha Ha Ha!

Have a weekend!

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