Revolving Clown Door…

August 17th, 2016

Oh Boy, Nothing like having a

Dysfunctional Campaign, then

Trump fuuny head laugh(<-Ooooops)

trying yet “Another” shake-up

Stephen Bannon From a lying

Right Wing “Hype Rag” Called

Breitbart & Kellyanne Conway

a Republican Pollster Just Did

push Manfort out of his power

It’s like losing in a game badly

19-0, then Bringing in a Child

Stephen-Bannon Kellyane Connway(D- Team)

to pitch the Heart of the order

This has become some Parody

Inception of a fail within a fail

within a fail within a mega fail

Drumpf’s not only in “Trouble”

the Entire Nation, polls & facts

accept this. But, it Seems Even

the “Drumpfness” is beginning

Trump pointing badly(What me lose?!?!)

accept ‘this’ as well. It doesn’t

mean this will ‘Take’ since he’s

a ‘jabbering lying racist Moron’

NOTE: Wild Leopard’s ‘Attack’
Thwarted By ‘Protective’ Tiger

Have a day!

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