Riots & The Pivot

August 16th, 2016

The riots this weekend in Milwaukee

were sad, wrong and doesn’t help us

Car on fire badly(Oh, no)

solve these Very Hard And Very Real

problems. It’s the reaction of citizens

who are Frustrated With the System,

and do not Know How to “Peacefully”

start real change. Burning something

or Stealing Solved NOTHING, And, It

also “Endangers” your fellow citizens

for No Good Reason. We ALL Get the

Frustration, but The Only way we can

actually GET the ‘Change’ we All seek

Gas station up in flames(Why?!?!)

is by peaceful Protest, Ideals, Laws &

Sunlight for all the racists In Uniform

THAT is Real Change, and Begins the

long Healing Process to Turn the Tide

of Systemic Racism, to equality for all

Becker Heads “Pivot”

Glenn Beck’s a failed moron who’s so

Ending His Career Soon. His Blaze, Is


going up in “Flames” and now he’s so

just trying quickly pivot from his hate

White Nationalistic Racism Content, &

trying to understand BLM. Did he?!?!?

No, no he Didn’t Because he’s “Crazy”

But for a tiny, Tiny, Tiny Split Second

he appeared to almost grasp it. This’ll

not play well with his racist base, and

he doesn’t grasp that. Oh he will, and

glenn-beck-all-pies-matter(<-2 Much Pie)

then go back to loony land because it

is his only content to Sell. So, anyone

Who Wonders What Black Live Matter

Really Is, Just Add The Word “Too” to

the title. Black Lives Matter………….too

NOTE: Watch All This Cringeworthy
“Exchange”, With A Climate Science
Denier ‘Lunatic’ In Malcolm Roberts
It’s like Someone “Denying” Gravity
NOTE II: LA Floods Have “Taken” 8
Souls And This Is SO SAD. The USA
Stands With You “Good” People And
How “Strong” Your All Our Together

Have a day!

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