And Now…

July 6th, 2016

The KKK supporting Drumpf trolls

Super PAC are now trying to claim

Make America white again again(Sadly, we know)

Hillary is a “KKK supporter”. Why?

Because the Drumpf racists are all

trying to scream “So we’re all just

racist, even them!”. Ahhhhhhhhhh

no. History is very clear on all this

The party’s flipped in the 50’s over

the Civil Rights Act and the Voting

rights acts. Even bringing them up

caused all the Racist Democrats all

jump ship, to the Republican party

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in San Jose(Tiny Hands)

and they’ve Been The Racist House

Party ever since. It’s just racist kids

shouting “I know you are, but what

am I!?!?”. Because the very correct

label has stuck. Because it’s so true

NOTE: Hover Board “Recall”, Who
Knew? (Rolls Eyes) Of COURSE!!!!
It’s Like Figuring Out Water Is Wet
EVIL: Two “Cops” Just Murder This
African American Man On Video, &
Somehow Their Cams Got “Busted”
Or “Detached”. Confirm All Of This
NOTE II: Florida AG Pam Bondi Hit
Rock ‘Bottom With “Bribes, Bribes”

Have a day!

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