California “Voting” Today Baby!

Queen Clinton got The Media to

already declare her the delegate

Bernie-Sanders-Hillary-Clinton-Will-Not-Win-On-June-7-900x440(“Good one!”)

Winner. Forget she’s Really Not

since SuperDelegates don’t vote

until July. Without ‘those’ she is

not even close. It ‘appears’ they

Both will Not Have enough for a

win. If Sanders has A ‘Big Night’

tonight, it makes things murkier

There is No Way he would clinch

Voting image(Vote Today!)

a nomination mathematically; &

the rub comes in where she can’t

either. Remember when “Hillary”

did the same thing in 08 after the

last Primary? I do, and the Super

“Delegates” CHANGED over 2 him

very very very late after the cycle

It’s pretty simple shit Right Here:

The actual result may not be known
until the votes are cast at the “DNC”
There are “Several reasons” for this
discrepancy. 1st some news sources
include the pledged delegates in the
Total Count, While “Others” include
“Superdelegates”. 2nd, estimates of
superdelegate votes are unreliable &
are always simply subject to change”

Voter turn out was massive, and in

sanders-clinton(Game on!)

this race?! Fucked With Very Badly

In Puerto Rico they expected about

700,000. You know how Many did

vote? About 59,000. How many of

the polling Places did they have up

in 2008?!? 1,500. Guess how many

they had up over the weekend?!?!?!

430. They claim it was due to lost $

problems/budget issues. With that,

Super delegates(We know)

we at the least need to Open Voting

up. When that happens,it’s good for

us all. Today and tonight VOTE and

do it up right! Go rock you day folks

NOTE: DNC Asked The “Media” To
NOT Post Super Delegates As If It’s
A Forgone Fact. They, Didn’t Listen
NOTE II: Everyone Knows Drumpf
Is Racist, Even All The Republicans
Sitting In “Office” Today. But Mark
Halperin Doesn’t. What An Asshole
BUZZ: That “Racist Lying Liar” Lies
Again For ‘Lie’ Number 47,867,987

Have a day!

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