Cruzing iCarly Fail…

April 28th, 2016

Ted Cruz’s desperate; in fact he’s 2008

John McCain desperate with that ‘Palin’

McCain facepalm(<-Yes, he did that)

pick. How’d that work out again?!?!?!?!

Oh right, the ‘worst thing’ unleashed on

us since Trump. Forget nominee’s in the

Primary don’t PICK a VP. Normally, The

winner does. It’s a desperate act from a

turd lying shit heel who lost. Denial is all

they have left now. How Fitting. Carly is

a loser. Fired from HP, lost to “Boxer” in

Cali, lost to all other candidates & picked

Fiorina-and-Cruz-JPG(What A Moron)

by Cuzer. It’s all over but the Crying, and

he’s losing Indiana by 6.3 points. Oooops

(And Don’t ‘forget’ Teds Hoosier Fail with

‘Ring’ instead of ‘Hoop’ or “Same size as”)

NOTE: It’s Drafty In Chicago With This
Draft Day In Town. Lots Of Pics Coming
Bears Will Likely Take DE Robinson AL

Have a day!

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