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Ummmmm, no. Not now, now ever you Drumpf ‘Racist Morons’. A “Hitler Youth” (The Shit Show) rally, was Shut Down Friday in Chicago at UIC. His rally’s are simply hate gatherings If they Think KKKlan Meetings Are Simply a “1st Amendment issue” they’re not only utterly insanely wrong they don’t remotely understand our Constitution What-so-ever […]

Two “Shit Shows” Left…

March 10th, 2016

Make sure to tune in, since the TeaOP only has two more “Dip Shit Festivals” (We know) left on the schedule, for this “primary” season. Tonight’s in Miami & the final one, is on the 21st & in Salt Lake City Utah. There will be NO policy, no laws, no specific economic statistics/metrics or anything […]

Boom, Michigan Said Yes…

March 9th, 2016

Bernie won Michigan!!! Feel the BERN Schillary. He still has a long way to go (Boom!) A LONG way, since Clinton won many other states. But the entire media has a ‘Bernie Blindspot’ that will cost them Ratings, jobs and any sense they were EVER objective. They’re clowns, and it killed them off. Internet news […]

Welcome to the 1920’s Beer Hall Putsch, in a rising Nazi Germany (We know) Today, they are called The Tump Rally’s. You think I’m joking?!?!? Nope. It’s VERY real, & it’s VERY horrifically disgusting. He’s a Big loud, Racist, Lying, Moron BULLY But that’s NOT the best part here His real last name is really […]

Finally, I’m Back!

March 7th, 2016

I’m terribly sorry I’ve ben out of commission for so long. After having a severe cold & flu I (“Settle down & vote!”) had something called Cellulitis. It’s a “staph” infection. Had it drained on Saturday. My Dr said, “Wow…..that’s the MOST fluid I’ve ever extracted from one. Ever……By a lot”. Let me tell you […]

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