Two “Shit Shows” Left…

March 10th, 2016

Make sure to tune in, since the TeaOP

only has two more “Dip Shit Festivals”

GOP-debate-preview(We know)

left on the schedule, for this “primary”

season. Tonight’s in Miami & the final

one, is on the 21st & in Salt Lake City

Utah. There will be NO policy, no laws,

no specific economic statistics/metrics

or anything of valid specific substance

It’s a dumbass food fight by children &

it Will Be No Different. Look for, “Make

gop-debate-buzzer(No shit!)

America great again” “This guy is an X”

and, “This guys lies!”. They will discuss

NOTHING About “Policy”, Because They

all HAVE NONE to offer Americans today

Bernie Vs Hillary Debate

Hillary had a BAD debate, Bernie didn’t

He brought the policy substance & facts

Berine & Hillary debating(And DEBATE!)

It was about substance & honestly poor

Hillary was on the defensive most of the

night. They asked her very framed hard

questions. Hillary has a lot of states she

will “Most Likely” Win, coming up March

15th. If, Sanders cuts into her “Firewall”

at all, in the South, she is in DEEP SHIT!

You read it here 1st cause after the 15th

its ALL Bernie States ‘Piling’ on the Wins

NOTE: Supreme Court ‘Pick’ Seems To
Be Coming Soon, By Obama, Good List
NOTE II: Nancy Reagan “Passed” Away
Very Sad She Was A Good First Woman
NOTE II: And Now The Racist Trumpy’s
Take Up “Violence”. This Is PURE EVIL!

Have a day!

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