Boom, Michigan Said Yes…

March 9th, 2016

Bernie won Michigan!!! Feel the BERN

Schillary. He still has a long way to go

berniesanders holding up fists(Boom!)

A LONG way, since Clinton won many

other states. But the entire media has

a ‘Bernie Blindspot’ that will cost them

Ratings, jobs and any sense they were

EVER objective. They’re clowns, and it

killed them off. Internet news has now

taken over officially As The “Objective”

news source. Cable media is dyin’ and

they deserve everythin they fuckin get

Media getting thumbs down(We know)

They went for Ratings over facts, news,

& truthful content; Oooooooooooooops

The ‘Reason’ Trump is winning is cause

he is a Reality TV Star. They’re Great at

“getting attention” but have nothing of

Content/Policy/Substance to Say When

that camera is on them. In no National

“Presidential Election” has A Candidate

ever done was Trump is doing. THAT Is


not a good thing. It’s cause he’s a Joke

never to be taken “seriously”. He is not

fit to walk dogs let alone be the POTUS

Yet this is where we are; the DEATH of

the Entire “Republican Party” Nationally

NOTE: The Republicans, Can’t Debate
Lies, “Insults”, Ignorance & Avoidence
AFTER DR. Douchey Calls For “Unity”

Have a day!

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