Finally, I’m Back!

March 7th, 2016

I’m terribly sorry I’ve ben out of commission

for so long. After having a severe cold & flu I

Generated by  IJG JPEG Library(“Settle down & vote!”)

had something called Cellulitis. It’s a “staph”

infection. Had it drained on Saturday. My Dr

said, “Wow…..that’s the MOST fluid I’ve ever

extracted from one. Ever……By a lot”. Let me

tell you it hurt. Bad location and it still needs

care. But I’m finally Back, no excuses. And I

am so glad 2 be, thank you for your patience

In the political insaneo world we got “Bernie”

Nebraska Bernie Win(BOOM!)

who Won BIG in Maine, Nebraska, & Kansas

Will the media say anything big about it?!?!?

Fuck no!!! They, are, TERRIFIED of him. And

you got Trump, & Clinton Winning on “Super

Tuesday”; buckle up, it’s Trump versus either

Clinton or Sanders. And “right now” Sanders

has the Mo winning 3 out of 4. Ooooooooops

Have a day!

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