SC & Nevada Done…

February 22nd, 2016

Sanders barely Lost to Clinton in NV

Not good. But also, not bad if you all

feel-the-bern-poster(Warm In NV)

look he was losin’ by at least this 25

Mega Lead Before. He Lost by 3-5 in

the end. And, Trumpy Fuckskins won

over that loud, ignorant, racist beatin

Republican heart in SC how expected

Trump has a new slogan Trump 2016

-Make America Hate Again. How nice

Maybe it’s really helpful that all racist

Republican’s don’t know math. That’s

Trump the loud idiot(We know)

a pretty content thing then. See, if he,

Trump wins the primary, he gets sooo

trounced by Sanders (15 points) & by

Clinton (1-4) points. So, proving once

again. Math has a Liberal bias. Oooops

NOTE: Horror In Michigan, From An
Uber Killing Driver. Much Love Out 2
All Innocent Victim Families & Loved
Ones This Is So Sad Guns Kill People

Have a day!

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