Liar Of The Year…

December 23rd, 2015

Goes to…shit. You know exactly

who it fucking went too without

Trump the loud idiot(He’s an idiot)

me even having to say it. Donny

Chump. The Lie Of The Year, is

really just the worst lyin asshole

campaign of the year. Past lies?!

Palin, Tea Party idiots, a Few of

Democrats about budgets, Mitty

lied about Chrysler, Obama in 13

with “If you like your healthcare

you can keep it” & a string of lies

Brendan Walsh diving in a sea of human waste.(Pile of shit)

from Chump. He said the World

Trade Center, about people then

cheering when the “Towers Feel”

He said racist horrific shit about

Mexicans, Immigrants, “Blacks”

and anyone not Republican, and

white, and old. What an Asshole

lying blow hard. He will go down

trumpobama(Racist dick)

faster than a drunk fat guy on ice

skates. You can book it my peeps

NOTE: THIS, Is What “Racism”
Looks Like. It Is Ugly, Sad, And
Has No Place In Todays Society

Have a day!

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