Debate Dipshits & Cop Down…

December 17th, 2015

The best thing about the Teaop debate the

other night was when they ended. ZING!!!

GOP 2016 Debate(“When’s dinner?!?”)

I kid, I joke…no actually the best thing was

that they were in “held” in Vegas. See, they

weren’t even Lying, that it was your money

on the table they want to gamble with. Boo

The biggest winner? Lies. The biggest loser

was the entire viewing audience. But, let us

be serious. The biggest winner was Cruz, &

Trump. Which Means The Koch Brothers &

big business won, period. Aside from these

generic platitudes, jingoistic lies, & a shitty

Cruz & Rubio turding it up(Turding It Up)

handle of Anything Remotely resembling a

rational Foreign Policy. It’s all over but the

crying. Rubio was the biggest Loser, & now

it’s a two horse race. Between Cruz Trump

That Is Like Picking Between Shit, or Farts

Down Goes Murdering Cop

For once, they got it right. That Cop IS the

reason we “need” body cams on every Cop

Jason Van Dyke(Charged)

It Protects the Great one’s, & exposes ALL

the Bad One’s. Down goes murdering Cop

Jason Van Dyke was was indicted Tuesday

on six counts of first-degree murder & one

Count Of Official Misconduct. He Shot the

17-year-old, knowing it: “Created a strong

probability of death, or great bodily harm.”

At least Some form of Justice will so come

Rahm Emanuel, John Escalante(All’s well!)

about. THAT is big Step in itself. Now, get


have something valuable to talk about now

NOTE: Paul Ryan Wants A Budget, To Help
The ‘Wealthy’, & Corporate Welfare AGAIN
NOTE II: Call Ask GOP’er To Shit In Mouth
NOTE III: Pharma Drug Creepy Get A Dose
Of The Karma Police As Arrested For Fraud

Have a day!

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