Unacceptable Horror…

November 16th, 2015

By now you know or have heard of the Paris

attacks. The cowardly evil unacceptable acts

Paris hugging love(We Will Heal)

of subhumans all unworthy to share society

with us. They “found” the ‘thing’ behind the

attacks. Abdelhamid Abaaoud morphed into

Belgium’s most notorious jihadi. That is the

last time that disgusting evil nothings name

will appear on this blog unless for any direct

reference when Another ruined the name for

political ignorance Reasons. They will get no

publicity. They are gutless, worthless hateful

paris-attacks(Pure Horror)

radical religious fundamentalist cowards not

worthy of drawin’ air in the same ecosystem

AS US. More People/Islamic Religious Terror

Fundie Extremists will be “outed” daily, who

helped carry out this evil. All this “Cowardly”

act did is show how united all global citizens

are in defeating all forms of violent religious

extremism. No matter what form or flavor it

takes on (Islamic, Christian, Evangelical etc)

The “kind, innocent, people” who Needlessly

Lost their lives with never be Forgotten; ever

We all stand united with Paris. ISIS & all the

Keep Claim I'm Coming For You(IS Will Die)

Syrian Fundamentalist Extremism will All be

Specifically directly targeted to end this hate

If ISIS wants Hell, Our Clandestine Agencies

will take them, one at a time insuring we get

every single Evil Villain CORRECTLY. See, so

they can Not use their Lies “but they were all

innocent”. No more hiding; your days are ova

NOTE: The Bears Actually Won And Very Big
Yes, Our Offense Was Legit. Who Knew?!?!?!
NOTE II: Democrats Had ‘Another’ Debate &
It Was Overshadowed By The Hateful Attacks
NOTE III: “KKK Leader”, And Convicted Child
Molester Holds “Please Up Vote Trump!” Sign

Have a day!

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