As Long As Republicans…

November 12th, 2015

Can pretend reality doesn’t exist politics are

freaking Awesome! See, for any Republicans

Best in Show(None are)

today a “Gotcha question” is where they are

asked a simple question, that’s “Fact” based

They are “trying” to Claim the FOX Business

Debate was “better”. Well sure because they

think Unemployment is “40%” and asked all

the hard questions without pointing out that

China isn’t even IN the fucking TPP Pact to a

moronic Trump who lumped them in it some

how. The moderators all will ask softball idiot

Dwight D E great man(We know!)

questions then let un-thoughtful liars bullshit

for five minutes sayin’ nothing substantive &

Lying through Their Teeth. But for Republican

debates their goal isn’t to Enlighten it’s solely

to confuse, bullshit, lie and pretend they care

About You. THEY DO NOT. And Every Policy’s

Directly TELLING YOU THAT…..Listen to them

Have a day!

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