“Debatless” In Milwaukee…

November 11th, 2015

The Republican Debate yesterday night was

flubs, gaffes, lies, fake claims, & Fake #’ers

Bag of idiots(The WSJ)

They do not know basic Economics, Science,

History, Facts, or “anything” found in reality

Carson claimed that “Everytime we raise the

minimum Wage, the # of ‘Jobless’ Increases”

No, that usually doesn’t happen but so when

has reality ever mattered?!? Rubio: “Welders

make more money than philosophers”. No, it

is not so on Average. The Median Income for

Philosophy Majors Is $81,200, & for Welders,

Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Marco Rubio(Jeb is dying)

it’s $26,002-63,698. Bong! Cruz had another

Rick Perry “Ooooooops” moment by trying to

name five agencies he would cut. He only got

out 4 repeatin department of commerce twice

And Carly lied saying, “Obamacare isn’t really

helping anybody”. No, the share of Americans

w/o healthcare declined to 9%, a ‘historic low’

Are these Big issues?!? No, not at all but they

offered no Policy Substance, aside from: “Tax

Cuts for the top 1%” (Which increases deficit)

Donald Trump, Ben Carson(“I’m leaving soon!”)

“Flat Tax” (Economically impossible & Forbes

along with every other Wealthy baron tried to

pitch that bullshit, and it was always ignored)

and “Deregulation” (Letting Wall Street steal)

If that’s “Substance”, then so is Cotton Candy

So, why were they all bashing “Philosophers”?

Ha ha ha! My best guess is Facts, reality, & all

the things found in Higher Education, are just

NEVER Valued in their Republican Party. They

dumb-people-doing_3(The RNC)

all just FEAR it. Ignoring Reality, doesn’t make

it go away. Try ignoring Cancer, Bills, your job,

or dysfunctional marriage, bet it won’t go away

NOTE: White Bigoted Sargent Fired Over Bad
‘Racist Comments’. Thought He Was: “Joking”
NOTE II: Happy ‘Veterans Day’ To All Who’ve
Served: My brother, Nephew & Father Thanks

Have a day!

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