The “Shit Show” Part II…

September 16th, 2015

Tonight, IS THE NIGHT, For The Morons

This Shit Happens at St Reagan’s Library

Carly Fiorina will appear in top-tier CNN Reagan Library debate(Idiot Parade)

at 8pm EST or 7pm CST and at 5pm PST

The Republican Master Debaters are at it

again. And Tonight will be Glorious. Book

it. It takes place in Simi Valley, California

Providing that the auditorium isn’t on fire

Simi; as in “See me fail” “See me attempt

to yell jingoistic lie after lie with a straight

face” & “See me try to out “asshole” every

one else on stage here!”. Now imagine for

a moment the entire Republican base as it

Trump with stupid hat(“Facts are for losers!”)

exists today. Then realize their “two” front

runners are Trump, and Dr. “Token Black”

Carson. Chump is up 5.5 points, from that

1st shit show & Carson’s now up 12 points

Turd Cruz(1.2 points), and Token Woman

Fiorina(4 points) are up a few more points

Other than that, they’re all down or simply

downin’ in their own self loathing shit filth

If you play a ‘drinking game’ tonight make

sure it includes the words “Obama” “Loser”

“America” “Cut” “Great” & the key phrases

South Park Fatty Doo Doo(Token Black, Productions)

like “Get Merica back on track”, “Return to

greatness” “Change from the Utter disaster

that was Obama” & “Shinning city on a hill”

They will quote Reagan, tax cuts, then ALL

shout “Limited guberment”, while Running

for the office that controls it, to EXPAND it

only for THEIR donors agenda; that ain’t u

NOTE: Maher, Correctly Blasts MSNBC On
Their Ignorant Coverage Of Donald Chump

Have a day!

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