And No 1 Gave A Fuck…

September 9th, 2015

Seems Tom “My Balls Are Deflated” Brady

And Da Coach Mike Ditka, both think that

Brady ballz(“I love Chump!”)

Trump would make a “great president”, &

“Make America great again!!!!”. Are we all

“Ungreat” right now?! I didn’t know about

that. No one told me (Rolls Eyes) Look, its

pretty clear Da Coach was good in the 80’s

but his political advice is like that of a baby

Remember when Da Ditka endorsed Bruce

Rauner? Yeah, Bruce won & now look at it!

Hates labor/working class, & anyone who’s

ditkapalin(Da Idiot!)

not either A) Wealthy B) White, C) & Rural

Forget no one in the fucking press does the

job by “pressing” their hallow Jingoistic bs

Ask, “how specifically will he make it great

again?! What policies do you like he offers”

*Crickets, Crickets, Crickets* That is cause

they do…not…have…any…answer. Ooooops

With those two Light weights offering their

version of support, Trump is even in Worse

trouble than I Thought. Doesn’t he Already

Senate Committee Holds Hearing On NFL Retirement Benefits(Hit 2 Much)

have ALL the 60-80s fat white racist votes

locked up? Didn’t Da Coach also praise one

Sarah “Alaskan Barbie” Palin? Yep. So, DA

Coach, might Politically Speaking, want to

hit Da Couch, & let Rational Adults discuss

Didn’t Da Coach also tape an endorsement

video for democrat Pat Quinn in 2010? Yes

Seems, Da Coach doesn’t know much now?

Have a day!

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