Earl Holt III is a massive Racist. And he loves

giving money to Republicans. In fact they got

Counsil Of Conservative Citizens KKK(Massive Racist)
(A corrected picture right now. Terribly sorry
As any other person I make mistakes & want
them corrected fairly, & make them Accurate)

over $74,000 in donations from the big racist

mentioned in Dylann’s Mega Racist manifesto

The CCC (Council Of Conservative Citizens) is

run by Holt. Which Republican’s got his cash?

-Ted Cruz-$8,500
-Rick Santorum-$1,500
-Rand Paul-$1,750
-Tom Cotton-$1,500
-Rob Portman-$250
-Thom Tillis-$1,000
-Jeff Flake-$1,000
-Todd “Legitmate Rape” Akin-$3,500
-Michelle Bachmann-$3.200
-Joni Ernst-$1,000
-Chris McDaniel-$2,00
-Louie Gohmert-$1,250
-Ron Johnson -$1,250
Mia Love-$1,000(She’s BLACK/Aunt Tom)
-Scott Walker-$3,500
-Steve King-$2,500
-Mitt Romney in ’12-$2,000
-And many many more

Now, most are giving the cash to charities. How

funny. You think they Remotely part with racist

cash BEFORE this story outs? FUUUUUUUCK NO

If they had to give back racist $ they’d be broke

The only reason they’re doing this is they all got

KKK with Confederate flag(Republican donor base)

caught with their hand in the Racist Cookie Jar

Shine a fucking light on them all. Own the hate

And you wonder why people think Republicans

are the party of “Hateful Racists”. Facts & proof

are so Overwhelming. Shit, they ALL admit this

themselves. While others hide from it because it

has been told to them before by one Lee Atwater

Obamas N-Word On Maron’s WTF

And Racist Republican Conservative Morons all

freak the fuck out. Why? Well after hearin’ them

obama-marc-maron(Quite a get Marc)

all White Wash (Pun Intended) the entire Racist

events in south carolina they’re quick to get back

to changing the subject, back to Hating all things

Odummer. Context, it’s simply a word that racist

morons refuse to ever learn. And why?!? Because

it doesn’t fit in their Hateful world view. They all

think “Well if’n them there Darkies can use it, so

can I damn it! For freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedumb”

No Obama was making a broader point about the

scourge of racism still in our country. And all you

Fox-News-Racist-Simpsons(Yes, we know)

racist turds, proved it true. Because racists don’t

want to discuss their hate. Why?!?! Because they

don’t Wish To Accept it, or Rid Society of it. That

much is crystal clear from ALL the reactions to a

racist neo-confederate murdering people for race

NOTE: The FOX News Super Insane Axe Fuck Up
And Can’t Accept The Reality He Just Hit The Guy
NOTE II: FBI Head Says, “No Terrorism” Because
The Face Is White. No Wonder They Can’t Stop IT
Roof’s Actions Are The “Exact Definition” Of That

Have a day!

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