“Flagged” For Hate…

June 22nd, 2015

The great debate now across our country is

“Should we ban the Confederate Flag on all

Yes it's really about hate(BUZZ! You lose)

public government owned spaces?!?!?” Yes

Actually fuck yes; and here’s why. That flag

is a “symbol” of Racism, Slavery, Secession,

Sedition, Treason, Genocide, Civil War, and

an era where part of this country Lost Their

entire moral compass and soul. So it is NOT

something to “celebrate”. It’s something we

should all feel ashamed of. The fact that we

have a group of people who aren’t ashamed

tells us all we need to know. You don’t carry

Heritage not hate bullshit lies(Yes, the heritage to hate)

around the time ya “Tried” genocide slavery

and lost as a “reminder”, unless you plan on

trying it again. Last I checked, Germans are

not flyin’ the swastika today. It seems unlike

the south they have this sense of shame and

an Ability, to Understand How Horrific it was

It’s not about “Freedom” or first amendment

Rights at all. It is about Tone, Intent, and the

message the flag sends/represents. When we

have American’s all seeking that flag over the

Yes you're racist morons (We know)

Stars & Bars we have a problem of conscience

And the topper?!? When you’re to the right of

Mittens “mega Republican plutocrat” Romney

you have serious Racial, & Moral issues. Keep

That Flag in Historical Museums, & Allow Any

Citizens the right to Fly It. After all, if you are

an Inbred Redneck Racist Asshole, please feel

free to Advertise it loud, & proud for all to see

Society will let you know how it feels bout you

NOTE: You still have Republican’s defending
the shooting as an “Accident”?!?! FUCK YOU
Also noting they called it a “Religious Attack”
Oh & a racist donated $1,000’s 2 republicans
NOTE II: Our Fathers Day was awesome, but
I Miss Skylar, & Doris. Oh, & John Oliver SO
Crushed this piece with perfection, & aplomb

Have a day!

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