But Racism Is Over…

June 18th, 2015

This is, the most gut wrenching, sad, blog I’ve

had to post in over 3 years. My heart’s broken

The face of pure evil(Racist Evil)

“I have to do it. You rape our women & you’re
taking over our country. And you have to go.”

A racist named Dylann Storm Roof entered an

“Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church”

He walked into a prayer meetin’, stayed about

an hour then opened fire killing 6 females and

3 males. Now he’s on the loose. He’s a 21 Year

Old, standing at 5 ‘9. He is in a four door black

sedan. He is considered armed & so dangerous

Anyone who says “But racism is over” is simply

either A) A Clueless Moron Detached From ALL

reality, or B) A racist. There’s really no fucking

Dylann Storm Roof church(Racist Hate)

way anyone could see this big racist hate & say

that line not being one of those 2 horrible shits

Wrestled with even posting his image, the only

reason I did was to catch the evil hateful prick

FBI should not only be Focused on Him, but on

his family (Racism is Taught), chat rooms, and

friends. His middle name’s ‘storm’ so no doubt

he’s directly attached to the white supremacist

movement Storm Front. Tear this entire world

apart to find him, & Everyone Involved in This

Charleston Shooting(Unspeakable sadness)

horrific shitty movement. These aren’t isolated

loan wolfs. These are domestic terrorists period

They should all be treated as such. And until we

purge ourselves from this vile scourge of racism

this should be everywhere & in every discussion

And racist fucks like this & his Racist Father can

all legally buy guns. Think about That right now

If Anyone on the Right comes out to defend this,

correctly call them what they are; big ass racists

Dylann Roof mug shot(Worthless Nothing)

Sandy Hook was horror, this is pure hateful evil

We will heal, But Only if we learn from this Hate

and begin to End it. If racists refuse, society will

will Correct it like we did in the past. “Civil War”

This time it ends much quicker, & we won’t stop

Update: He was just caught & now in custody
He also had southern confederate racist roots
NOTE: Blackhawks Parade Today Avoid Down
Town, Unless “Traffic” Is “Really Fun” For You

Have a day!

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