What’s going on with Texas lately? Well, to

be honest. It’s not just lately, it’s been for a

Right Wing Terrorist James Boulware(Right Wing Terrorist)

while. A man James Boulware “Shot Up” a

dallas police station. He was fatally shot by

a police sniper after an ‘overnight standoff’

that began when he opened fire on the cop

station. This ‘man’ was obviously Mentally

Ill but this is where it gets disgustingly bad

Besides this guy being the Exact Replica of

“A Nugent Beck Alex Jones Racist Prepper”

He ‘bought’ a “Zombie Apocalypse Assault

Vehicle”, & troop transport with gun ports

Zombie Van(“The Walking Meds”)

He then Lined that van, all with explosives

as well four pipe bombs around the station

And his dad blames “liberals” for his death

“You gotta go back to the liberal people
that put these laws in place, to where the
[Police] can grab kids & take em away”

Ahem, no. The reason is your son ‘Choked’

your fuckin’ wife & threatened to kill other

family members. James also ‘decided’ how

Churches & schools were all “Soft Targets”

since no one in them was armed. WTF?!?!

Boulwares gun collection(UBC’s now!!!)

He correctly “lost custody” of his son then

Oh it’s not remotely over yet. It gets worse

When the Cops arrested him in 2013, they

found a small arsenal of guns, pistols, and

bathtubs filled with ammo. He also always

threatened judges. Classy! Is this terrorist

story over? Nope, Dad has few more gems

when asked by cnn why he didn’t get help

“Where? Where does a white male get help?”


And there we have it!!!! Make no mistakes

here. His father put all that evil lyin shit in

nutty’s head. And now when it comes to a

“reapin’ time” for what evil asshole sowed

He wants to blame everyone BUT himself

Ya loony right wingers want the problem?

Simply find your nearest mirror to SEE it

Hawks Fly Past Lightning For Cup!

Hawks win, Hawks win, Hawwwwwks win!

3rd cup in 5 calendar years. Amazing shit

Kane with cup(Drink Up!!!)

The entire city is proud, excited, & happy

No Acts of Violence, because this town is

a working town. We respect things we all

build. We work. We always will. Humble

and ready to drink from that “Cup” once

more. We won 2-0, and that game was a

heart stopper up & down the ice. In each

play, the puck would dance with fans all

clutching our beating chests. It was wild

Hawks hug(Together!)

awesome fun. And now the worst part?!?

It’s over. Go ask anyone here in Chicago

about how ‘Excited’ they are about other

teams aside from the Cubs?!?! Try NONE

Watch the Bolts ’16. They’re going places

NOTE: THIS Is The Greatest News I’ve
Ever Heard. Trump’s Running In 2016!
Comedy Gods, I Totally Kiss Your Asses

Have a day!

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