It “seems” if you don’t pay $10 to go the big

year end Pre-K-5th grade carnival, you don’t


go. In fact, not only do they ‘not’ get to go, it

gets worse. There were 100+ kids that didn’t

pay & were taken into a big dark auditorium

watched a film, as they ‘heard’ the other kids

Joan Monroe, Principal of PS 120 in Queens

is a shitty, shitty, shitty, shitty, soulless bitch

Ah yes, the old “Let’s all “shame” children of

IMG_9834.jpeg(Come ON!!!)

immigrant families & working poor families”

Forget, that the entire event, cost $6,200 for

the fee to the Carnival Company called Send

In The Clowns. And it reaped in $2-3,000 in

profits. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yes. And there in,

lies the rub. Rather than accept losin’ $1,000

in added profits for “Moving-up” parities they

IMG_3794.jpeg(Gross as her teeth)

scar little poor kids. This is Sociopathic to me

Kids were confused, & a 7-year old was crying

“Hysterically”, as other children asked, if they

were “being punished”? This is disgusting sad

Many teachers were visibly shaken by this shit

“If you’re doing a carnival durin school hours, it should
be free. It doesn’t matter if it’s one kid or 200 sitting in
the auditorium. They ALL should have been out there.”

That is why the story was leaked. This is gross

NOTE: A Recent Poll W. Bush More Popular
Then Obama. OMG!! Now Obama Isn’t The
Best Around, But THIS Is Historical Lunacy
NOTE II: Florida’s Rick Scott Hires Political
Liar To Obfuscate/Lie About Medicaid Facts
/Cuts And Finally Other Republicans Angry

Have a day!

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