This ‘Goofy Protest’ orgaizner named Jon

Ritzheimer wanted to gather like minded

Jon_Ritzheimer_Islam(No, fuck you!)

Islamophobes to ‘Hate’ against a Phoenix

Mosque. He started a GoFundMe page, &

if anyone should Go Fund Themselves it’s

Jon. A clarion call, to those noble Patriots

humbling asking for “$1 million”, actually

raised a total of $300, in 3 days. Noooice!

The only people who showed up were big

armed racists. How Expected, & how Sad

Nothin’ funnier than a bigot bigoting just

to try to make a little money being fuckos

Pheonix racists(Ah yes, Nazi’s)

And Failing the whole way down that wet,

filthy, slimy, shit covered drain. Every so

often cosmic karma works ever so perfect

Irony Ending?! At least two of the Bigoty

Protestors went into the Mosque, & then

changed their views seeing peaceful folks

Being A Gay Republican…

Is like being a large black man in the kkk,

a women who’s a Men’s Rights Activist or

n-JESSE-EHRENFELD-large(Gay Republican?)

a Jewish Nazi. When people hold views so

bad against the natural sexual orientation

of the person as a Party Platform Position,

maybe the”Party”, is not for you. It seems

Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, a Republican created

an Ad for his Campaign. That is when this

NBC affiliate in Chattanooga, TN decided

to “pull” the ad since it’s too controversial

Well yes, if by “Controversial”, they mean

Dr. Jessie(R’s don’t like ya)

“tellin’ the truth which is troubling for us”

Since when is the “Local Stations Owner”

allowed to be partisan ignoring reality?!?

Oh, since ‘Merica & the Tennessee Factor

The real shock is seeing a gay Republican

NOTE: Obama Makes Terrible Argument
For Extended The Patriot Act Right Here
NOTE II: Bruce Jenner, Is Now, “Caitlyn”
Good For Her. They Are The Kardashians
But A Positive Social Effect Of It Is Great

Have a day!

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