Ferguson Fumble & Racist Rudy

November 24th, 2014

Everyone knows the events in Ferguson MO by

now. And if you do not, just type it into Google

CNN Don & Page(Racist cop Page)

The verdict will come out soon, & it will be Not

Guilty. But, how could I possibly know this?!?!

This decision was done a long time ago, & paid

for, well in advance. That much is crystal clear

You don’t triple staff, & prepare 5 fire brigades

when there IS no fire. You only do it, when you

know there’s a blaze coming. Jay Nixon calling

for A State Of Emergency & then fumbling over

who “exactly” takes responsiblity for this failed

AP NIXON MENTAL HEALTH A USA MO(“My untied hands r tied”)

leadership, leading to all of this ‘racial insanity’

What did he say to “Does the buck stop at you?”

“Well, uh, you know, it, uh, it, uh…our goal here is to,
is to, you know, keep the peace and allow folks’ voices
to be heard. In that balance, uh, I am attempting, you
know, I am, using the resources we have to marshal, to
be predictable, uh for both those pillars. I don’t wanna,
you know, I’m more, I, I, I’ll just will have to say I don’t
spend a tremendous amount of time personalizing this”

Yes, nothin’ like tryin’ to keep your finger prints

off the fuckin’ gun that you yourself helped load

To the good people of Ferguson I say this. Don’t

ignite violence. That is exactly what the “racists”

want so they can slaughter you. Keep everything

peaceful. It will attract MORE outrage, & MORE

allies than ya can possibly imagine. Use the one

thing you all have. The legal rite to protest & all

Ferguson police(Hands up!)

your wonderful big voices. That power is so real

For racists it is only a matter of time until THEY

try to take that away. Then they’ve been undone

Oh, & not for nothing but Nixon is a “Democrat”

Guess some in the south just go ‘racist’ for votes

Rudy The “Racist”?!?!?

Remember NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani?!?!?!?! Well,

he has a lot to say about Ferguson, and why they

Rudy & Dyson(Whaaaaaat?!?!)

have a lot of “White Cops” there. Because, this is

not about Mike Brown or even the cops; the story

is about why are “black people killing black folks”

*Record skip* Wait? What the ever loving fuck?!?

He didn’t really say that did he?!?!?!? Yes, he did:

“White police officers won’t be there if you
weren’t killing each other 70% of the time”

At that moment, Eric Dyson correctly points out:

“This is a defense mechanism of white
supremacy at work in your mind, sir”

“Sir”, “Loud racist moron apologist”, same things

Rudy goofy smile(Douche!)

My favorite tweet on it all was this one from Lisa:

“Dear Rudy Giuliani, when talking about police
shootings of blacks, changing the topic to Bad
Stuff Black Folks Do Too is beyond offensive”

Yes, it is. But the Supreme Court said racism was

over, as did every Republican. I guess they forgot

about Rudy, Page and now this bigoted old fucker

Kentucky Fire Chief, Julius Hatfield, is a Massive

racist. He said of assisting the stranded motorists

“We ain’t taking no n*ggers here”. Charming fella


Would ya expect anything less from old evil shits?

NOTE: The Bears actually won, & US Secretary Of
Defence Chuck Hagel is stepping down. Thank you
for your service Mr. Hagel. You will be very missed

Have a day!

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