Evil Odummer, I Mean Reagan…

November 18th, 2014

Obama’s Immigration plan is the same one HW Bush

and St. Reagan did. They used Executive Order aside

Reagan Amnesty act(Hypocrite much?!?!)

from what Congress was or was not doing. Then…the

screaming begins. So expect nothing short of Big-Ass

“Republican Hypocrisy” on this one; nearly 3 decades

ago both Reagan & HW Bush ‘both’ extended amnesty

to the spouses, & minor children of ‘immigrants’ up to

3 million peeps. What did Republican do during these

actions? Nothing, nada, zero, zip………fucking crickets

Honestly it’s not a political party anymore; it’s one big

ReaganSignAmnesty1986(“But you love me”)

insane asylum clowncar speeding down the road at 100

mph launching off a cliff yelling, “Look, we’re flying!!!!”

You can’t reason with sociopathic morons; they are not

interested in that. They’re only interested in getting the

“Heads I win, tails you lose” bit. It’s the “I want, what I

want, when I want it or I blow the world up”. You know

a group of “Loud, Snotty Bratty Children throwing a fit”

hissy_fit(The entire TeaOP)

Here’s what Obama’s response should be to these asses

FUCK, YOU! You’ve done NOTHING this entire six years

but hate, bitch obstruct & shutdown the thing they were

fucking hired to fucking “Operate”. When you don’t vote;

you get lying insane hateful sociopaths like these; bravo

NOTE: Late mayor Jane Burn passed away on Friday
She was 81, a classy mayor, and Amazing Trailblazer
NOTE II: Franken Blasts Ted Cruz on Net Neutrality
Using Basic Facts, Reality & the Actual Meaning of it

Have a day!

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