“White House Clown”

October 2nd, 2014

By now you have all heard about the idiot who jumped

the White House fence. Omar Gonzalez had a knife and

Omar Gonzals(Run Omar Run)

he “bum rushed” the White House. But HOW did he do

it? Well someone, an “usher” put the crash box on mute

A crash box is a security device that alerts guards of any

intruders. That’d be like shutting off your home security

system, because it was “annoying” you. The guy made it

all the way, to the far East Room, near the Green Room

It turns out Julia A. Pierson, the head of Secret Service,

is under fire. And now she resigned. After two high end

Julia A. Pierson(Bus wheels hurt)

screw ups, Obama reacts to appease ALL the loony nuts

reacting without finishing the investigation of who, did

what & why. The Usher is important, but ooooooooh no

When idiots freak out Obama throws you under the bus

But here is the ,”bigger point”. She is being attacked for,

being a women. Holy shit. The entire media flipped out

Forget she had 30 years experience in the field. They all

basically yelled “Affirmative Action Hire”. SHE, was the

first women appointed as the head of the Secret Service,

and now, because of these breaches, she is gone. Rather

basham(Reality vs Flake)

than “fix” the issue they looked for a body to huck under

the 24-7 cable media diaherra bullshit cycle. The ‘lapse’

in security is unacceptable & stupid. But the mega chain

reaction of hate towards her, while ignoring her YEARS

of quality service is short sighted. We have “executed” a

person before results of “what really went wrong” are in

Pretty soon, Obama will not have “anyone left to throw”

But it takes a lot of balls for house Republicans who are

all dysfunctional assholes, complaining, about THIS big

mistake now. They hate Obama & have no more interest

in his well being than governing; Astounding Hypocrisy

Note: Colbert hit a satire homer replying to dippy Bill-O
Note II: FOX, doesn’t understand “Science” or “Reality”

Have a day!

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