Rice Cooked & Stein Hate

September 9th, 2014

Now, new footage of Ray Rice showing his vile

actions has surfaced from ‘TMZ Sports’. Video

Ray-Rice_11-620x351(Already knew)

Ray Rice is now the face of violent indifference

The shock wasn’t from the footage. We already

knew that happened before, dragging her body

It was the ‘quickness’ in which he attacked, and

then the “ice cold indifference” as she lay on the

elevator floor. No worry she could’ve been dead

The NFL(Goodell) & the Ravens both claim they

never saw the footage. At best they get an F- for


other worldly levels of incompetence. At worst,

they saw it, which Sports Illustrated Peter King

confirmed here. Directly from his article in July

“There is one other thing I did not write, or
refer to, & that is the other videotape the NFL
& some Ravens officials have seen, from the
security camera inside the elevator at the time
of the altercation between Rice & his fiancée”

They knew. They saw. They did not fucking care

THAT is the thing that brings down Goodell and

the Ravens. They overtly said it wasn’t his actions

that got him fired, it was us, the public seeing em


They basically tried to cover this up. It ends them

Let alone, the victim is now angry, with the public

Ben Stein-Racist Jim Crow De Jour

“Bigot?…….bigot?…….bigot?”. I will not be posting

Ben Stein racist ass(Bigot Ben)

about Ben Stein after this. Ben said this on Brown:

“I mean he (Brown) wasn’t unarmed; he was
armed with his undoubtedly strong scary self
…it’s the very large, so-called victim, attacking
the policeman, who winds up dead….I mean if
they didn’t just, would not attack the policeman
…….if they would just “talk” to the policeman in
a reasonable way…………instead of attacking the
policeman, nobody, would be dead. There was a
time, even in my youth when lynchings of African
Americans were not that incredibly rare…now the
lynchings are of the police, & it’s just an outrage!”

What the ever loving fuck?!?!?!?!? An ugly hateful

racist prick, not worthy of my “Piss” if he is on fire

It’s OK, Ben is 69. Tick tock Benny, what a big pos

FOX Fail: Rice Big Lesson, was to “Take the stairs”

Have a day!

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