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Man Loves Dogs & Be Cool…

August 14th, 2014

A Christian CEO was arrested the other day soliciting the activity of fucking dogs. Jerald “Jerry” Hill, 56, of (Bark, bark!) Camden County was arrested on Aug. 5th after setting up a meeting, with an undercover cop, for the purpose of  having sex with a dog. Whoooooooooooooooooops I guess that’s why many religious folks compare […]

Unarmed Teen Killed By Cops…

August 13th, 2014

In St. Louis, some sad terrible evil shit went down this past weekend. Ferguson, Missouri aka “Cops Shoot 1st” (A community mourns) meeting hole, has a serious problem. Their “cops” shot, and killed an unarmed black teen for……no………fucking reason. This has caused the entire ‘community’ to react with protests. That is the exact right thing […]

Crazy Con & RIP Robin…

August 12th, 2014

Sarah Palin is trying something new. Welcome to the interwebs She is trying an on-line subscription service. Holy shit!!!! It will (We know!) fail at the speed of her mouth fart sounds. Palin charges suckers $10 a month to listen to her occasional “lunatic brain droppings” Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren recently gave a, “Netroots Nation” […]

The New American Hero…

August 11th, 2014

When good people stand up for basic core American values, our entire society should stand up & take note. Mark Lane a (We know) California business man was getting death threats ever since he took in a family of refugees cause the city of Murrieta was refusing to help them. Through ‘Border Angels’, Lane found […]

You have to see this. So put down your Simpsons bong This is ‘worth it’. “Apparently”, five year old Noah Ritter (Young Ron Burgandy) loves the word ‘Apparently’. His interview will make you laugh out loud, it is so choice. If he ever learns the word “allegedly” he will be unstoppable. It’s about damn time […]

Holy shit! Today, for every Republican left standing, they’re all the best at speedbuilding their own graves (“I’m a bigot!”) Alabama Grand Wizard want-to-be Mo Brooks thinks there’s a “war on whites” *puts head into both hands* When asked if that is what he said, he doubled down: “What is the one race that can […]

The quickest way to clear a room of Republican’s is to have the people, who their irrational ignorant policies (“I’m a Dreamer”) effect, standing right in front of them asking questions Actually effective, real world questions. Those STING! Rand Paul & Steve King were doing a fundraiser in IA, when Erika Andiola & Cesar Vargas, […]

It’s seems there is no low Republican’s won’t hit these days. This sadly is no different. Now, we already know (We know) every Republican, will do NOTHING, to fix our broken “immigration system”. They also ALL do not know the difference, between illegal immigrants, & refugees. It’s a breathtakingly stunted insane view of complex issues […]

When Obama goes to Washington DC, he becomes the “placating pussy Obama”. Whenever Democrats, & the (DC Obama) party reach the Mid-terms, it now becomes “Campaign Obama”. Campagin Obama is the one that ya elect. The “other” guy who folds like Superman on laundry day or a coke up Origami Expert is the one we […]

Things Not To Do…

August 1st, 2014

Here is a “nice, neat, list” of things “Not to do today”: (That’s one) -Fart in your hand, then demand a co-worker, “Smell this” -Forget to wear clothes, then start searching for your wallet -Go to your MLB baseball teams game, but they’re on the road -Watch a Bob Roarman car commercial & take it […]

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