And Now, “The Truth”…

August 28th, 2014

Missouri Councilman Peter Tinsley, accidentally revealed

the current GOP’s secret sauce ingredients to their hate

(GOP made me racist)

He decided to explain his overtly racist Facebook posts:

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart, at one time,
I was a very active Republican very opposed to Obama”

*John does fake shocked look* We already know. We all

already knew. The ‘Entire Republican party’ left today is

one big failed therapy session where they can’t admit the

shit we ALL already know. It’d be like a shirtless, fat guy

finally admitting he had a “Gambling Problem” at a local

homeless shelter, 10 years after the divorce. We GET IT!

(For shits sake)

But for every one in recovery, you got 20 more in denial

SO, GOP Chairman “Eddy Justice” had even more to say

“It isn’t representative of our Party. It even got
more intense when he proceeded to blame the
“Republican Party”, for him thinking like that”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It’s like being shocked that a

Packers fan, is now magically a Packers fan. Your “Secret

Handshake” isn’t a secret. The absolute best funniest was

Eddy wasn’t mad at the racism, it was the “Calling It Out”

that upset him most. Yes, pointin out racism hurts racists

(Don’t tell em!)

Note: Bears Pre-season finale tonight so grab a beer now
Note II: Judge Richard Posner. A New Equal Rights Hero

Have a day!

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