If FOX’s Sean Hannity were on fire, the collective world

wouldn’t piss on him even they had an extra full bladder

(WTF look is amazing)

Hitler youth Sean had on city Democratic leader Patrica

Bynes to basically berate her for 4 minutes, overtly lying,

cutting her off with conjecture BS, & openly creating lies

about the nights events. It was like, a White Supremacist

WWF match for no reason. He went on to ask a question:

“Were you there at the shooting? So you don’t know if this
case is about police brutality, do you? Let me educate you”

She, & the rest of the entire world knows it’s about police

brutality and excessive force. But KKK Sean will not let it

(He likes racists!)

go. This was not an adult conversation. There are “never”

any on FOX. The idea is, they shout down any dissenting

views. You know just be a bigot bully. To them it passes

for “rational conversation”. These morons think this shit

is about winning or losing. You don’t “Win” conversations

You have em, exchange ideas with an open mind, & then

move on with life. Ohhhhhhh nooooooo. Shout down any

one who thinks differently it’s how children operate. Wait

that’s actually how “bad” “poorly raised” children operate

Have a day!

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