I remember when Iraq was a nice set of “boobies”, & now

it is just a politically messed up shit storm of violent hate

(A true hero)

ISIS sounds like some insane James Bond Villain right?!?

The evil actions of beheading James Foley. This…is…just

unacceptable in a ‘modern global society’. There will be a

form of justice for these religious terrorists. Besides ISIS

forming their own intern crews for genocide, this is never

acceptable on the worlds stage. Letting a religious faction

be elected properly, isn’t the same as a “coup” of religious

nutters seeking country wide genocide. This is a national

(Total evil)

global crisis. When any country decides “Meh, we can not

convince the citizens to follow us after we took it over, so

let’s just kill them all, right?!?!?”. They never read history

It ends very very badly for them. Always has….always will

Lunatic Republicans Lie…Again

Remember when the entire republican cabal of chattering

morons who decided to shut down the entire government?

(Great idea!)

They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! And it’s Turtle Turd Mitch

leading the charge. Oh that’s right. Do you remember this:

“There will not be another government
shutdown. You can count on that”

That was Mitch McConnell then. Today, who give a fuck?!?

He does not care. None of them can actually GOVERN!!!!!!

If you choose not to vote, or vote “Republican”; you deserve

everything this country gets at the hands of these lying ass’s

They’re sociopaths, period. A sociopath doesn’t care about a

society. They let it burn. In fact they supply the flames in all

cases. This is hilariously sad. It’s like someone losing games

(“We don’t care!”)

with a terrible plan all of society rejected…by trying it over &

over & over. They do not learn, and the only way to make em

understand is vote them out of existence. Then they will still

not “get it”. They’ll think voters “cheated”, because they suck

Have a day!

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